Maintaining a garden can be challenging and time-consuming and take up valuable family time, it is often best to make use of professional garden maintenance and landscaping services if you want to enjoy your garden to its fullest potential.

As much as your garden will look healthier, having your garden regularly maintained also ensures that it is safe for your entire family to relax and play in.

At Canberra Gardening & Maintenance, we offer professional residential lawn care and landscape management services, all carried out by our knowledgeable experts.

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Canberra Gardening and MaintenanceCanberra Gardening and Maintenance

While we believe that our residential garden maintenance services all over Canberra cater for almost any project our most popular residential garden and landscape management services include:

We offer once-off services as well as weekly services which aim at keeping your garden well-managed and maintained. This allows you to enjoy your garden and prevent it from getting overgrown and posing potential dangers.

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